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Go on an adventure in Woodventure! Woodventure is a Mahjong game in which you have to make the correct combinations before the time runs out! Use power ups or a hint if you are stuck in a level and continue your adventure!

Winter Mahjong

Winter Mahjong puts your intelligence and insight to the test! This game plays like the classic Mahjong games, but this one has gotten a digital makeover! If you are really stuck in a level, you can ask for a tip or reshuffle the board, but the further you get, the less you will be able to use these abilities! Play the game and try to clear the boards before time runs out!

Monkey Go Happy: Magic

Monkey adventure continues! Monkeys are sad again and it is up to you to do whatever it takes to make them happy! This time the monkeys are stuck with a magician who demands 10 magic scrolls to get out of the way! What will you do? Help them of course! Pick your monkey - and don't forget to pick a hat! Find the clues and help the monkeys find all of the hidden objects.


Welcome Tiny Mouse. Welcome to the world of mice and rats and all kinds of rodents! I am your Goddess, Elisah and I will assign a guide to you to help you with all kinds of endeavours in your new life.


Are you ready to build your own adorable garden? Plant vegetables, bushes, trees and watch them grow! Click and harvest to earn money, level up to unlock new plants and upgrade your garden to attract helpers. Be careful, little thieves will come and try to steal your product, you have to click to make them go away!

Wanna Oranges

This panda thinks that oranges are the most delicious fruit in the world! Help him avoid the obstacles, and get the orange in each level by solving the puzzles. Can you collect all stars?

Click to remove ice blocks, press R to restart a level.

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