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Monster Smack

It's a funny little game that will make you smile everytime you pick it up. Monster Smack is a colorfull and funny action game with cheeky monsters and cool graphics.


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Poop It

Poop it is a funny HTML5 game where you have to challenge yourself against the time! Can you splash and match enough poops? Be aware, you may get a laugh kick!

Love Chase

Things have been a little tough for Chase lately. He got fired, dumped by his girlfriend and struck by lightening. He had enough of all this so he decided to move to his dream apartment. But the place didn't turn out quite as he expected it to be. Help Chase discover his new neighbourhood and maybe even meet the girl of his dreams. 

Min Hero: Tower of Sages

Thousands apply to train in the Tower of Sages, but only a few are chosen, and you're one lucky of them! Talk to characters, train your minions and battle your way to prove that you can even train the most powerful creatures of the time, the titans. Once you're in the battle, you need to choose the attacks wisely, and also watch out for the health and energy bar of your minions. You can replay a battle to gain more experience points and level up faster, so you can upgrade your minions' attacks and abilities as you wish.

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